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Being home to 1.7 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second-largest city of Germany and by far the largest in Northern Europe. The city is located at the centre of Europe’s traffic and trading routes. Due to various innovative city development projects - such as HafenCity, "Sprung über die Elbe" and Elbphilharmonie orchestra building - and on account of continuous support and development of the science and research sector Hamburg is granted a status of being a dynamic and strategically advantageous business region. Among the most important business sectors rank maritime economy, logistics, IT and telecommunication, media and e-commerce.

Thanks to Hamburg's geographic location its industry has always been characterized by the maritime economy. The Port of Hamburg which is the second largest container port in Europe and the 14th largest worldwide serves as an important hub for cargo volumes at a rate of 139 Mio. t total transshipment (2013) and 98% degree of containerization. Hence Hamburg, the German gateway to the world, calls at almost every sea port worldwide.

Hamburg´s recipe for success is cluster policy:

Due to the city´s strategic location, which offers an outstanding connectivity to international trade, numerous high profile firms chose Hamburg as headquarter office location. Furthermore service providers cherish the city what becomes apparent by the number and size of its booming computer sector. Hamburg is home to 22.000 media and IT companies providing 130.000 workplaces. The start-up intensity of software industry is on the highest level in the Hanseatic city: 376 new companies from Jan 2010 to Jan 2011 correspond to 18% growth in software development and design industry.

Hamburg ranks fourth in Europe regarding sales figures in e-commerce which reached the total of 5,5 billion Euros in 2011. This was the result of an evaluation by Hamburg@work of the “Top 400 Europe” study conducted by the specialist magazine Internet Retailer.

Indian Companies in Hamburg

Besides Hamburg´s cultural and leisure opportunities it´s the city´s business opportunities that attract people. More than 350 events per year on Hamburg´s fairground appeal to business people from all over the world. Among others Indian companies realize the city´s potential and launch subsidiaries with good reasons. The most famous representative of Indian companies is Tata Consultancy Services Deutschland GmbH. In total about 35 Indian companies settled in Hamburg.

About 250.000 people from all over the world chose to live and work at the rivers Alster and Elbe in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. Coming from 185 different nations they are supported by more than 100 consular representations. India is represented by a Consulate General as well.

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