Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel with Chilehaus are put on UNESCO´s World Heritage list

The warehouse district “Speicherstadt”, built on islands of the river Elbe from 1885 to 1927, is listed as UNESCO World Hertage since 5th July 2015. During the 39th board meeting, representatives of the 21 member states voted for the entry of Hamburg into the list of UNESCO´s World Heritages. The “Kontorhausviertel”, Europe´s first office-only district, built between 1920 and 1940, was also listed.

The 15 neo-Gothic brick buildings in “Speicherstadt” are connected via small alleys, canals and bridges. They are the world´s largest ensemble of storehouses. Complementary are the neighboring office buildings of “Kontorhausviertel”, which are forming Europe´s first office district. The Chilehaus, built by Fritz Höger, shaped like a ship´s bow, is also included in Hamburg´s World Heritage. After a long application process the decision was very well received in Hamburg. Since 1999 Chilehaus was listed on the German application list for UNESCO World Heritages. In 2007 “Kontorhausviertel” and “Speicherstadt” were added to the Hamburg´s application. “Speicherstadt” and “Kontorhausviertel” are Hamburg´s first UNESCO World Heritages. Hamburg’s First Major Olaf Scholz expressed his gratitude about the decision of the committee and promised to introduce a UNCESCO-coordinator and to build a World-Heritage-Information-Center.  

The list of UNESCO World Heritages includes more than 1.000 sites in 161 countries. Besides Hamburg, the vineyards of Burgundy and Champagne in France, the botanical garden in Singapur and the fortress walls in the Turkish city Diyarbakir were recently listed. 36 sites were nominated, including another German application; the cathedral of Naumburg was rejected, but given the chance to apply again next spring.

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