Hamburg – what you didn’t know

What does Hamburg have in common with cities like Melbourne, Vancouver and Vienna? According to the latest city ranking of The Economist, all three of them are among the TOP 10 of the most liveable cities in the world.

Hamburg: Rank 10 of the "52 Places to go in 2017", says the New York Times. Rank 10 of the "World’s most liveable cities" The Economist adjudged last year. Rank 19 of the 450 "Cities with the best quality of life in the world" in the ranking of the International Business Insider. Furthermore in 2018, Hamburg has been declared as one of the TOP 10 cities "Must see destinations", according to Lonely Planet.

What are the reasons for these top positions of the metropolis by the water in the rankings of well-known international media?

The fact that Hamburg is defined as a unique business location in Germany due to its location factors, is not new. The maritime commercial metropolis is certainly often associated with the port economy or its function as a "gateway to the world". Hamburg is known for being the third largest container port in Europe and the third largest civil aviation location in the world in terms of employees.

But did you know that Tesafilm, water wings and even the classic Barbie doll were invented in Hamburg? The mix is rounded off by the motto "Tradition meets Modernity". Since 2017, Hamburg is the official founder capital of Germany! With 253 foundations per 10,000 inhabitants, Hamburg overtook the perpetual winner, Berlin, for the first time.

Moreover, in terms of quality of life, Hamburg is everything else than inferior to its other major German counterparts. Especially, in regard to housing, Hamburg is far ahead. Nowhere else people are as happy as in Hamburg regarding the aspects of living space and leisure time. In this category, Hamburg scores 7.66 out of 10 points and gains the top position (see Deutsche Post Glücksatlas). According to the latest ranking from the travel platform travelbird, Hamburg is the greenest city in Germany. On average there are 114 square meters green area per person available. Internationally, Hamburg occupies the ninth rank of the greenest cities (see travelbird).

Hamburg also ranks at top positions in relation to family friendliness (see Immobilienportal Homeday), diversity (see study Koerber Foundation), internationalization of education and in the ranking of the most creative cities – which, for instance, is reflected in the great success of Golden Lions at the Cannes Film Festival. Last but not least, its inhabitants are also quite sportive. Nowhere else in Germany 16.4 gyms per 100.000 inhabitants can be counted.

Hamburg is also in the fast lane in terms of digital mobility. With its ITS strategy and the use of information and communication technology, Hamburg is speeding up. According to the current mobility study of the German Aerospace Center "Digital Mobility in Germany's Cities", Hamburg once again occupies the top position in the German comparison to other cities. Last but not least, Hamburg will also host the ITS World Congress in 2021.

It is no surprise that the citizens of Hamburg are happy! As claimed by the Glücksatlas of Deutsche Post, only the people in Schleswig-Holstein are happier. Hamburg's broad mix of location factors makes people more than satisfied in all spheres of life - according to the market and opinion research institute Ispos, its citizens are even the most satisfied Germans in terms of their wealth (including social contacts and stable health). With 23.862 euros the inhabitants of Hamburg have the highest disposable income in Germany.

A glimpse towards the future is also promising. In the latest ranking of the British news portal fDiIntellegence, "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/2019", there is no listing in which Hamburg is not among the TOP 10 within the category of "Large European Cities". Fourth in the overall ranking, fifth in terms of economic potential, and in the category "Human Capital and Lifestyle" the hanseatic city even reaches the third place!

Well, if that's not a prospect...

Hamburg occupies ninth place in the ranking of the greenest cities (see travelbird).

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