Business Management in the 21st century

On Friday, the 10th of May 2019, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Xavier School of Management organized a seminar on the legal, ethical, moral and spiritual challenges in today's working environment

A highly competitive market is often leading to decreasing wages and puts a lot of pressure on the working sector. It is arising the questions – what is considered to be ethically justifiable? – Do businesses have a certain responsibility towards society?

In regard to this question Ozzie Mascarenhas referred to a definition of ethics which says that not the law is telling you what is right or wrong, your conscious plays the key role.

A panel discussion gave an overview of different stakeholders offering different solutions to ensure higher productivity, fostering of good human relations, employee development and image building in the broader society.

During a Q & A Session the audience was able to address the stakeholders directly. The whole event was finished by high tea which was used for some networking.

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