IUC Delegation from Hamburg visits India

Over the last two weeks, we had the pleasure to guide a delegation from Hamburg on its business trip around India. Together, we enjoyed several diverse events and presentations and got to meet interesting people and to learn about their visions and future-defining ideas while discussing potential collaborations.

Starting off in Mumbai, the delegates immediately immersed themselves in the Indian way of life and its colourful, impressive culture by discovering India’s heart through a city walk and by meeting with most diverse people, among them artists, investors, regulators, business people and visionaries.

As one focus topic of the delegation was sustainability regarding urban planning and urban transportation, the agenda included a visit of the World CSR Day in Mumbai, where Sebastian Hofer from Hamburger Hochbahn AG, the local infrastructure provider in Hamburg, appeared as a panellist. Sascha Westermann was honoured with an award as one of the most impactful City Leaders, in regard to his ITS activities in Hamburg - Hamburg is going to host the World ITS Congress in 2021.

We were delighted at the invitation of Hamburg Ambassador Heiko Mohn to have dinner together and enjoyed to share the latest news from Hamburg, as well as receiving information on the current status of the Indian market.

Our second Hamburg Ambassador in India, Amita Desai, welcomed the delegates at the next stop, Hyderabad. Thanks to the support of Ms. Desai, we got the chance to reap the benefits of several fruitful exchanges, such as those at T-Hub and Genome Valley. T-Hub Hyderabad is India’s largest incubator for start-ups and introduced us to several promising businesses with potential for future collaborations. Focussing on life science, Genome Valley emphasizes on one of Hamburg’s key industries and therefore was another crucial destination of our travel.

Having left Hyderabad with a load of new ideas and inspirations, the delegation, including representatives from the senate chancellery, Hamburg Hochbahn and HafenCity University, finally went to Vijayawada to discuss future-defining topics regarding urban planning and international cooperation. Urban planning tools and Real Time Governments are two examples of the discussed projects.

The IUC programme of the European Union, under which the partnership between Hamburg and Vijayawada has been established, aims to enable cities to link up and share solutions to common problems. Cooperation on sustainable urban development, action under the global Covenant of Mayors initiative and innovation for local and regional development are to be fostered. We are very happy to have met our partners, who have hosted us with overwhelming hospitality.

On behalf of the whole delegation, we would like to thank all concerned parties for these two eventful, yielding and prolific weeks. We have been amazed by the newly-discovered opportunities and newly-gained insights into businesses and urban development in India and are looking forward to our further collaboration!

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