Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Climate Change

Catching up the topic of Sustainability, the Hamburg Representation joined the Climate Change Forum this Friday, 3rd of Mai, in Mumbai. The overall aim was to identify and discuss drivers of climate change and to talk about mitigation and adaptation strategies. The event was realized by a cooperation of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, TISS, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, AMFORI, Global Shapers Community Mumbai and South Asia Institute. After opening remarks by Marja Einig, Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, presentations about climate change, existing effects in India and future scenarios for Mumbai and Maharashtra gave a deeper insights into the topic.

Keeping the previous presentations in mind, all participants were assigned to six groups discussing about the sectors “Mobility & transportation”, “Industrial Production” and “Agriculture”. In this framework three discussion rounds took place while sectors and the group composition were changed. At the end every participant contributed to “Drivers of climate change in Mumbai and Maharashtra”, “Strategies for the mitigation of climate change”, and “Impacts of climate change and adaptation strategies” in at least two sectors. The table discussions, also called World Café, gave all participants the opportunity to exchange their ideas and to gain new knowledge. 

At the end, all results were summed up and presented. Coffee and lunch break were used for networking or to further discuss heated up topics. The whole forum was closed with an outlook by Naman Gupta talking about the action on Climate Change of Maharashtra State Policies.

We want to give a big thank you to the organizers and all participants for the content that has been shared. We hope to not only report about climate change in future and rather about a change in thinking from India.

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