Visit to Goethe-Institut

Last week, Hamburg Business Assistant Jochen Slabon has visited the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai for the purpose of presenting the City of Hamburg, as well as the local opportunities for studying, to young students of the German language. The audience was fascinated by the hanseatic city and delighted with the possibilities of cultural leisure activities on the banks of river Elbe. The presented universities have been met with big interest. Some participants of the C1 level language class had already come up with the specific plan of studying in Germany; thanks to the detailed answers provided to their questions, they have been able to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the respective requirements, ways of funding and contact points within the context of the presentation.

Goethe-Institut Mumbai and Hamburg Representation Mumbai stand in close cooperation with each other, aiming at motivating young people from India to come to Hamburg and to foster the exchange between the respective cultures. The Goethe-Institut acts as a language school and a mediator of German culture on a worldwide basis. Besides the economic relations, the Hamburg Representation also establishes and maintains cultural and academic connections between Hamburg and India; therefore, HRM and Goethe-Institut complement each other seamlessly. We are glad that the existing network between our two institutions as well as between Hamburg and India could be strengthened and intensified by this event.

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