A fresh breeze kicks off new dynamics at the Hamburg Representation Mumbai

Since March 2014 the Hamburg Representation Mumbai has a new face. The Hamburg Business Manager Hannah Truxius, born in Hamburg and recent graduate in Indology Studies, represents from now on the economic and academic interests of the Hamburg companies and universities in Mumbai.

With lots of great ideas in mind a few projects, such as an academic student exchange and the re-establishment of the newsletter "Die Indienrundschau", have already been initiated in the first few months. The newest edition of the newsletter you can find here. Furthermore, the latest news about Mumbai's ports and the Indian economy are published weekly in the PortBlog.

Other large projects, such as onsite-marketing for the Hamburg Port, intervention of knowledge partners, trade fair participation and delegations are planned.

Mrs. Hannah Truxius and the Hamburg Representation Mumbai are looking forward to support you in any economic, academic, industrial and logistic matters concerning the Indian subcontinent. For consultation please send an Email to

(Published on 2014-04-25)

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