Hamburg in Rankings

The Report “European Cities & Regions of the Future 2016 & 2017” by fDi Magazine – a special interest journal for foreign direct investments published by the Financial Times Group –  asses Europe`s investment landscape. According to this, Hamburg city and also the state belong to the top 25 cities of Europe`s most attractive destinations for foreign investors.

Besides being one of the European Cities of the Future, the fDi Magazine also placed Hamburg as the most attractive investment location in Germany. The continuously increasing investment volumes and the number of projects initiated by foreign investors attracted by Hamburg`s promotion of the renewable energy and transportation industry has led to this placement. Comparing the number and volume of foreign investment projects for the years 2010-2014 based on 100,000 heads, Hamburg was ranked best, followed by Hesse, Berlin and Baden- Württemberg.

Another survey conducted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce showed that Hamburg is also Germany´s capital of press and agencies. The survey compared Hamburg with Germany`s other media cities: Berlin, Cologne and Munich. A particular advantage of Hamburg is the presence of all sub-sectors of the creative industries. Because of the digitalization of the economy both the cultural and creative industries in Hamburg have increased in size.

In addition Creditreform published a report in December saying Hamburg was Germany`s capital of small and medium enterprises of Germany`s federal states. The report analyzed the concentration of SMEs per inhabitant. Hamburg with 651 companies per 10,000 inhabitants was closely followed by Berlin with 590 and Bavaria with 529 companies per 10,000 inhabitants.

The HWWI, the Hamburg World Economy Institute, reported that among German cities, Hamburg is a pioneer in the digitalization of urban life

leading to the bettering of its economic performance leading to its top position as a digital city. Hamburg works to create a positive investment climate for digital projects in transport and energy, by expanding the digital information services and introducing intelligent traffic and parking management systems. The smart transportation concept is currently being tested in the smartPort. 

In August, the OECD honored Hamburg`s positive development of recent years in a study entitled “Local Economic Leadership”. In the survey the city`s leadership in the field of today’s technologies, such as wind energy and IT as well as the growth of tourism was praised. The report also praised the leadership’s effort of broadening the educational opportunities, their long-term perspective for growth by having the cluster approach for the economic development and their housing development.

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