Logistics Initiative Hamburg

Aiming to strengthen and expand Hamburg’s role as the leading logistics hub in Northern Europe, the State Ministry of Economic and Labour Affairs and Hamburg’s business community established Logistics Initiative Hamburg.

A strong network to link the fields of business, science and research, enhancing Hamburg’s profile as a logistics industry location in collaboration with the business development intitiatives in the metropolitan region, and comprehensive knowledge transfer to support companies and promote innovation – these are the prime objectives. The Initiative’s spokesperson is Dr. Peer Witten, member of the board of directors of the Otto Group and chairman of the HHLA supervisory board.

Logistics Initiative Hamburg is a facilitator to concentrate and voice the companies’ ideas, requirements and interests. Growth barriers can be clearly identified and removed. This includes personnel qualification and brokerage, as well as the allocation and development of real estate, commercial zones and a transport infrastructure capable of supporting the logistics sector. Companies willing to set up a base in Hamburg are provided with single-source location management services.

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