The Vision of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Hamburg 2024

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in one’s own country and even in one’s own home town – this is a dream that is dreamt by athletes and spectators alike. Following the German Olympic Sports Confederation’s decision on 21 March 2015, this dream might come true for Germany and Hamburg in 2024. Hamburg has developed a fascinating concept for the Olympic and Paralympic Games: compact games in the heart of the city and in close proximity to the water. Games with short distances, and games with facilities and infrastructure that meet the highest standards in terms of environmental protection and economic efficiency. The Games and their values can be a symbol of Hamburg’s strongest assets as a community: cosmopolitanism and tolerance, modernity and mutual understanding, confi dence and understatement. Yet, in international competition, Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, also stands for economic strength and success, and for the common will to make a big dream come true. Hamburg’s concept puts people first: athletes from all over the world, citizens and all those who want to celebrate this great inspiring festival on the Alster Lake and the River Elbe. In our view, all of these people are part of the Olympic family, and we want them to feel at home in Hamburg.

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