The World’s most important Port Conference comes to Hamburg

 This year’s IAPH World Ports Conference will be held in Hamburg. From June 1st - 5th, international representatives from business, politics and science will gather to debate changing demands and alternative actions required in our times of globalisation and climate change. The conference will focus on the smartPORT concept developed by the host of the conference, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). During the five-day conference delegates will get to hear about what Hamburg, Europe and the world mean by intelligent port management.

In this context Jens Meier, CEO of the Hamburg Port Authority, will show how IT-supported infrastructure makes economic and logistical processes more efficient and sustainable in the Port of Hamburg. Michael Pal, Principal Logistics Analyst for Fremantle Ports, will demonstrate an Australian perspective on intelligent port management on the example of “Truck Marshalling Automation and Key Performance Indicator Control”. On top, representatives from Stockholm, Valencia and the Far East will present answers to the question of what makes a port a smartPORT.
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