Trade relations between Hamburg and India

A new year always offers the chance to look back and summarize past developments. This blog entry focuses on trade between India and Hamburg, which dates back to the 16th century. In recent years, the export and import of merchandise between Hamburg and India displayed a contradictory development. While the import of goods to Hamburg experienced a downturn in 2012 and 2013, the export of goods from Hamburg to India increased during these years. In 2014, the trends reversed and Hamburg imported goods worth 778.6 Mio. € and exported goods worth 487.5 Mio. €. The biggest amount of all imports felt on garments, knitted or crocheted, with a total amount of 82.3 Mio. € in 2014. On the other hand aircrafts and parts of it accounted for 68% of total exports from Hamburg to India in 2014. Eventually, the imports are more diversified, including Garments, dried and shell fruits, silk and cotton clothing and chemical pre-materials while the exports are mainly backed by the aviation industry. After growing in 2012 and 2013, the total trade volume decreased in 2014 to 1.265 billion € compared to 1.462 billion € in 2013. Yet, India is among Hamburg’s top ten trading partners and posted fresh throughput records for container traffic in 2014. To sum up, trade between Hamburg and India experienced ups and downs in the recent past, but displays still a success story in the long term. Through the establishment of the Hamburg Representation Mumbai in 2013 the Hamburg Senate Chancellery, Port Hamburg Marketing e.V., the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Business Development Corporation and Hamburg Messe and Congress take a path of further convergence and deeper trade relations between the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg and India.

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