About Hamburg


Total area: 755.30 qm, thereof 74.4 qm port area
Highest natural elevation: Hasselbrack in Hamburg-Harburg, 116m above sea level
Tallest building: TV tower, 278m high
Purchasing Power: With more than 25,000€ per capita the highest in Germany
Coffee capital: With 700,000 tons one of the most important handling centres for coffee worldwide
Parks: With 16% green space, Hamburg is the greenest German city
Weekly markets: With more than 100, Hamburg is the European city with the most markets
Trade centre: with more than 6200 exporting companies, Hamburg is the biggest trade centre in Germany
Consulate city: Hamburg is one of the cities with the most consulates worldwide

Hamburg’s residents are characterized by an extraordinarily high level of satisfaction with their city due to the abundant cultural life Hamburg has to offer. Moreover, popular first-class sports events, a sound transport infrastructure plus high air and water quality constantly ensure the resident’s quality of life.

Important reasons for the high level of satisfaction among Hamburg citizens are the city´s high level of income and the diverse range of leisure and cultural options. The attractiveness of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg is also reflected in the very high number of visitors recorded.

Fresh air, green open spaces and sweeping views of the Alster lake and river Elbe: no other German metropolis has as much water or as many parks as Hamburg – or such a strong economy which secures employment and ensures excellent economic prospects for the future! It is hardly surprising that this city repeatedly ranks in top positions concerning life quality. Its prosperity is fostered by Hamburg’s recipe for success which basically builds upon the unification of economic activity and environmental protection.

The Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg is the heart of the adorable water site metropolis. Covering a surface of 26.000 km², the Hamburg metropolitan region is home to around 5 million inhabitants – more than 1% of EU citizens. In spite of its geographic expanse, the region has maintained its original charm, diversity and distinctive way of life.

The maritime flair of the port, the Elbe river and the Alster lake provide leisure and recreation opportunities close to nature. Moreover, numerous canals, branches of the Elbe and a large choice of attractive locations and landscapes in the region complement the metropolis´ beautiful landscape. With offering countless opportunities for spending time in one of the 1460 municipal parks on more than 3000 hectares of land, Hamburg ranks among the greenest of Europe´s cities. The people of Hamburg use these green oases individually: be it romantic walks on the weekends or an outing with family and friends or be it sportive activities like jogging or cycling.


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