Our Team

Hamburg Chief Representative

Sameeha Sule


Meet Sameeha Pradeep Sule, a dynamic force in bridging Indo-German cultures. With a
background in Economics and a deep affinity for German language and culture, Sameeha brings a
unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to her role.

For the past three years, Sameeha has played a pivotal role in various intercultural projects
spearheaded by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. In 2020, she took on the challenge of
supporting the Hamburg Representation Mumbai (HRM), rising to become its Chief Representative
by 2022.

Passionate about fostering enriching experiences on both sides, she champions the fusion of
cultures. She sees India’s vastness and complexity as an opportunity to strengthen ties and
facilitate collaboration.

In my role since 2020, I’ve supported Hamburg-based companies in navigating India’s diverse
market landscape,” Sameeha shares. “I”m committed to fostering mutual understanding and
growth between our two vibrant cultures.;

Sameeha embodies the spirit of Indo-German partnership, driving connections and opportunities
with her expertise and dedication.

Hamburg Representation Mumbai
Maker Tower ‘E’, 1st floor, Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai (Bombay) 400 005, India
Tel: +91-(0)22-66652-121
Email: sameeha.sule@hamburgmumbai.com