Corporate Law in India and China: What German companies must know

The Webinar ‘Gesellschaftsrecht in Indien und China: Was deutsche Unternehmen wissen müssen’ or ‘Corporate Law in India and China: What German companies must know’, organised by Handelskammer Hamburg will take place on 28 th May 2024 from 10 am to 11:15 CET. The webinar will be graced by seasoned speakers such as Mr.Timm Rohweder, Regional Expert Greater China at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Simone Puddu, Senior Consultant at Rödl und Partner, and Mr. Ralph Koppitz, Rödl und Partner, Shanghai.

In 2023, India has overtaken China in terms of population and is gaining importance as a market due to economic development and geopolitical reasons. At the same time, China remains the most important trading partner for German companies in Asia. What legal reforms relevant to companies are currently taking place in India? What should be considered when entering the Indian market? And what will change for companies in China as a result of the revised company law? Get the answers to these questions and more useful knowledge at the webinar.

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