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Being home to 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and by far the largest in Northern Europe. The city is located in the centre of Europe’s traffic and trading routes. Due to various innovative city development projects, such as HafenCity, “Sprung über die Elbe” and the Elbphilharmonie orchestra building, as well as on account of continuous support and development from the science and research sectors, Hamburg is granted a status of being a dynamic and strategically advantageous business region. Among the most important business sectors include logistics, IT and telecommunication, maritime, media and e-commerce.

Why Hamburg Just Works

    • Hamburg is your Gateway to Europe: After the UK ́s departure from the European Union it may no longer be the perfect hub to export goods from India into the EU. Situated in close proximity with every major economy in central Europe, Hamburg provides instant access to both established markets in Western Europe and growing markets in central and Europe.
    • The Hamburg and India Connection: Besides Hamburg ́s cultural and leisure opportunities, it is the city ́s business environment that attracts people from outside. More than 350 business events per year on Hamburg ́s fairground appeal to business representatives from all over the world. Among others, Indian companies realize the city ́s potential and launch subsidiaries with good reason.
    • The Port of Hamburg is the largest universal Port in Germany: Hamburg and its metropolitan region inhabits five million people and it is geographically the centre of the transport market. This strategic advantage makes Germany’s largest universal port and Europe’s third largest container port the ideal national and international logistics centre. Hamburg is consistently strengthening its international position as a leading trade and service partner.
    • Hamburg as Hub for Renewable Energies: The renewable energy industry is also developing rapidly, with companies from the wind energy sector being particularly strong in Hamburg. In the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, manufacturers of wind turbines concentrated product development, sales, and management.

Hamburg´s recipe for success is cluster policy:


The Logistics Initiative Hamburg is a network of economy, science and research for the logistic sector. The cluster enables a quick exchange of information as well as extensive public relations for the field. The cluster is directed by a board of trustees of high ranked economic and political persons inter alia the Staatsrat for economy and work.



Life Science Nord is one of the leading life science networks in Europe. Around 500 actors from industry and research are part of the cluster, which focuses on biotechnology, pharma and medical technology.


The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany consists of companies from five North German federal states. It promotes and strengthens the cooperation of the North German maritime sector. By providing a platform for respective enterprises, it enables the dialogue of the actors within the industry and promotes interfaces with other sectors.



Hamburg Aviation comprises of the aviation industry in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. It includes Airbus, Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg Airport, and 300 other companies. Together, they cover the whole life cycle of a plane from development, production and recycling.



The Renewable Energy, Hamburg cluster unites the economy, science and politics resulting in a strong network that supports Hamburg as leading location in the field of renewable energies. The cluster was founded in 2011, and counts nearly 200 members.



Creativity has always had a home in Hamburg. Thus, it was just a matter of time until this cluster was created. It supports creativity at all levels. Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft provides information and service, training and financial support, as well as networks and premises.


The Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg cluster strengthens Hamburg’s growing healthcare industry. With around 6,100 companies and one in seven employees working in this sector, healthcare is one of Hamburg’s key industries. Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg further strengthens the sector by providing a wide network and sustainable collaborative structures.


The nextMedia.Hamburg is the innovative motor of Hamburg’s digital and media economy. It aims at promoting the upcoming change in the media sector towards digitalization to enable new forms of use and application, new formats of content display and new markets. The cluster supports the digital transformation process in Hamburg’s leading media sector.



Dedicated to food, the initiative foodactive e.V. is the central contact for the food sector, maintaining contacts to the industry and experts as well as in the political field. The association is Hamburg’s official network dedicated to nourishment.


Hamburg´s recipe for success is cluster policy

Besides Hamburg´s cultural and leisure opportunities, it is the city´s business environment that attracts people from outside. More than 350 events per year on Hamburg´s fairground appeal to business representatives from all over the world. Among others, Indian companies realize the city´s potential and launch subsidiaries with good reason. The most famous representative of Indian companies is Tata Consultancy Services Deutschland GmbH. In total, about 40 Indian companies settled in Hamburg.

About 250.000 people from all over the world chose to live and work at the rivers Alster and Elbe in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. Coming from 185 different nations, they are supported by more than 100 consular representations. India is represented by a Consulate General as well.

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