Welcome to From the Intern’s Desk’ – a special space, where you’ll find insights, reflections, and discoveries about the industry, all from the perspectives of our interns here, at Hamburg Representation Mumbai.

At HRM, we recognize that interns bring a fresh set of eyes, innovative ideas, and enthusiasm to the table. From reflections on projects and events to thoughts on industry trends and challenges, this section provides a voice to the interns to express their experiences, journeys, the skills they have developed, and their observations. Through this section, we aim to showcase the invaluable contributions of interns and highlight the pivotal role they play in shaping our organization and the industry at large.

Join us as we explore the diverse experiences and learnings that come from being part of the Hamburg Representation Mumbai team. So, take a moment to delve into the thoughts and experiences of our interns. We hope their stories inspire, inform, and spark new ideas as you explore the world of Hamburg Representation Mumbai through their eyes.